Preparing to check off a Bucket List Item: Trans America Trail

At 50 years of age, I decided to set off on an adventure.  I wanted to ride the entirety of the Trans America Trail on my Dual Sport motorcycle… My trusty DR650.  The route is 6000 miles of back roads and trails spanning from Asheville, NC, to the Oregon coast.  I started looking into the logistics of doing it and compared that to the ugly reality that I don’t have the vacation time to do it all at once.  That sucks.  After thinking about it quite a bit and bouncing the problem around with my family and friends, I settled on doing part of it this year, and hopefully finish the rest later on.

I don’t like settling, but I do have a practical and responsible side.  I decided to start my trip at Helena, AR and ride for two weeks before turning for home.  My thinking is that I’m a lot more interested in the western US than the eastern parts, and I’ve not been through the Arkansas Ozarks.  So, I’ll skip Tennessee and get to the west a bit sooner.  I also don’t like the idea of a destination or a schedule when traveling for pleasure, so I’ll just ride whatever pace suits me and turn back when I have to, regardless of where I happen to be.

So far, I’ve got GPS tracks to follow, paper maps, riding gear, and my packing list is mostly assembled.  I’m still looking for a helmet mounted video camera to better document the trip.  I think I have a loaner lined up from a friend at work, but I may just have to buy one off of Craigslist.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on how to camp on the cheap.  Don’t get me wrong, a hotel every night would be nice, but I would rather spend the money on bourbon and bike parts.  I’ll be camping in national forests, state parks, and maybe the back 40 of friendly land owners.

Future posts will get into the details of my prep.

Categories: Motorcycles, TAT 2018, Trips

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