A Dry Run for Camping with Rain and Bugs

I went on a 2 day float trip with some of the young people in my life this past weekend.  I didn’t have my bike, but I did have some of the stuff I’ll be taking on my bike trip.  I paid close attention to what I packed, how much I packed, and what I could do without.  A float trip affords for the ability to take more stuff than what you can pack on a bike.  A lot of that stuff I packed simply can’t go with me on my bike trip.

It was great to have a cooler full of beer.  It’s size and weight make that a no-go for a bike trip though.  Hopefully I’ll be able to source a few tall boys before setting up camp for the night.  I sure enjoyed my bacon and eggs for breakfast, but that perishable food, cooler, and iron skillet simply can’t go due to the volume and weight of what’s needed to keep and prepare that type of food.  My water filter was very useful.  It’s small and light and provides clean drinkable water from pretty much any freshwater source.  When paired with my 2 liter hydration pack and an extra 2 liter bottle, I think my water situation is good.  My hammock and tarp setup was really comfortable for sleeping and did a great job of keeping me dry through a night of rain.  I considered leaving my tent behind on the bike trip, but it offers protection from flying insects, snakes and scorpions, and I can’t count on having appropriately spaced trees available all the time.  I used a rolled up towel as a pillow, so that’s a dual use item.  I enjoyed a few cigars on the float, but I can leave that luxury behind so I don’t have to back the little box I keep them in.  I’ll take a hatchet instead of an axe.

What do I need, what do I want, and what will I settle for?  This shouldn’t be hard.

Cold beer: out.

Perishable food:  out.

Dry sleeping:  In.

Categories: Motorcycles, TAT 2018, Trips

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