I’m Terrified

One week from tomorrow morning, I start my adventure riding the TAT.  I’ve never ridden so far or been gone so long as what I’m about to set off on.  I’ve never been to most of the places I’m going.  I’m going with two people I’ve never met and who haven’t met each other.  I don’t know where I will sleep each night or where I will get my food and water.  I don’t know if I’ve packed everything I need and I don’t know if I’ve packed too much.  I don’t know if I’ve prepped my bike sufficiently.

I don’t know.

I suppose that’s what I’m scared of.  Isn’t the unknown the common factor in many fears?

I do know there are many potential dangers and hardships, but those are risks, not certainties.  Riding a motorcycle is dangerous.  People in cars are a danger to motorcyclists.  Lapse in judgement is a danger to the motorcyclist.  The weather can be dangerous.  The difficulty of the the trail can exceed the skill of the rider.  Machines can break down unexpectedly.  So many things can go wrong.  Maybe.

But it’s exciting too.  I don’t know how I will possibly go to sleep the night before.  I’m excited to see places I’ve never seen.  I’m excited to meet people I’ve never met.  I’m excited to scratch off a few bucket list items.  I have no idea what will actually happen.

I don’t know, and that terrifies me.

Categories: Motorcycles, On My Mind, TAT 2018, Trips

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  1. I love that mix of being really scared and really happy before a trip. Your adventure is going to be great!


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