Hard Choice

I packed and repacked for my upcoming motorcycle trip.  I got my gear down to 84 lbs total, including enough water and food for 4 or 5 days.  To reach this weight, I found an easy way to remove 10 lbs, but it wasn’t easy to convince myself to do it.  I’m leaving my camera behind.

I’m taking a motorcycle trip, not a photography trip.  The point of what I’m doing is… well… I’m not entirely sure yet, but it’s not about photography.  So the camera, tripod, and necessary accessories will stay home.

This decision actually had a few upsides.  The camera was going to be stored in the right tank bag.  Since that space opened up, I moved my rain suit there.  This keeps the rain suit more easily accessible and keeps wetness out of the dry bag.  This freed up some space in the dry bag which allowed me to move 4 lbs of water down about 18 inches.  It may not seem like much, but keeping weight low does make a difference.  This decision also reduced the amount of stuff I need to look after… I wont have to worry about keeping my camera gear dry and safe.

One last thing:  Any photos I take will be done with my phone. Since I’m not taking a tablet computer, I will be using my phone to post to this blog. When I post to my blog, the photos I want to show will be on my device, which makes things easy.  I like easy.

I want to go out west to photograph.  I want to use an 8×10 camera, which is heavy.  That will be a photography trip.  Next week week is a motorcycle trip, and I’m good with that.

Categories: Motorcycles, On My Mind, TAT 2018, Trips

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