TAT Day 3

Day 3


Only 148 miles today. Some sections were pretty challenging. My riding skill continues to improve as I experiment with standing on the pegs or even just apply weight when things get sketchy. I’m amazed at how much that one thing helps.

We were rolling at 7:30. Because of the rain yesterday, there was very little dust on trail today. We drove beautiful forest roads with great overlooks. We stopped at Oark cafe at 10:00 for some breakfast. Everything was really good and very reasonbly priced. If you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere, AR, stop in.

We got caught in another afternoon rain shower this afternoon. This time, we waited most it out under an overhang. The view of the valley was probably really nice, but it just looked like water at the time. When it let up a bit, we put on our rain suits and continued.

2:55 Mountainburg, AR

6:30 Weddington St. Park, $10 camp fee.

The park is fairly quiet and there aren’t many people here. There are hot showers and flush toilets.

A strange woman at the next site came over to ask if there mosquitoes here. Two tomcats came meowing at our camp right after we went to our tents. An Arabic family has some middle eastern music going and they’re singing along. It’s not too loud and I know they won’t be up late getting drunm.

It’s raining now. I’m glad I decided to put up my tent and I hope it doesn’t leak.

We’ll be Oklahoma tomorrow morning.

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  1. That was a LOT of miles on day 1. What kind of wild animals might have been at your camp? The TAT Shak sounds fantastic!


    • The first night at camp, I only saw a squirrel. Sean heard a coyote. There are lots of deer and wild turkeys which we see when riding. Lots of road kill armadillos too.


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