TAT Day 5


7:15 Loaded up and waiting at an auto parts store to get another USB adapter because yesterday’s rain fried the old one. I need USB power because the old phone I’m using for GPS won’t stay on for more than 30 minutes or so without it.

10:58 am. Newkirk, OK

113 miles, 2.38 gal

We stopped at Moreland farms and met James and his dog Blue. They gave us some water and would have let us use their shop to do repairs if we needed it.

They farm 11,000 acres of row crop and have 100 momma cows.

2:50 pm. Caldwell KS

We both had some close calls with the mud and decided to take a more conventional route. If we stayed on the dirt roads, we would have to go 10 to 15 mph and still fight with mud bogs.  The mud here is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s dark grey to black, thick, sticky and slick as grease.  It will cling to knobbies and turn them into wheels of mud with no traction.  If you get stuck in it, it will suck you to the ground.  One of the mud hazards appeared as soon as I crested a hill, and I nearly went down. I got into a sideways slide and ended up in the ditch, but somehow stayed on the bike and kept it upright. Wow, that was a thrill!

6:30. 3 miles north of Freedom, OK

182 miles, 3.67 gal

Been bouncing back and forth across KS-OK line on a winding gravel road that took us through open range.

6:50 Found a place to camp at Alabaster Caverns state park. The place has one other campsite with people in it, and they are 1/2 mile away. This place has caves in a 300 million year old gypsum bed.

After we set camp and had dinner, the other campers came by.  Jason and Hanna were looking for somebody to join them in going to the caves tomorrow so that there would be a group of 3 or more. They were dissapointed to hear we would be leaving at first light, but were thrilled when I suggested that I would be willing to go tonight, so we went. They even had a spare helmet and light for me. When we got back, they shared what little beer they had as we sat under the stars.

As I hear a coyote yipping in the distance, I bid you a good night. The sky is clear and I will go to sleep staring up at it.

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