TAT Day 6

7:00 ready to roll

7:48 Stop at roadside shelter made of old Ford rails. I saw a few of them today.

11:30 Hooker, OK

160 miles, 3.2 gal.

89 octane. No 87, and I didn’t want to risk 86 octane

Saw an inn called “Hooker Inn” (inner child giggling)

Stopped at the post office in Hooker and shipped back 13 lbs of stuff I don’t need. The improvement in handling is drastic.

Had a cheeseburger in a local bar, then back on the road.

We bypassed many sections of the marked TAT today. The going was very slow and we weren’t seeing much new in the terrain. We did take several sections of it though, just to make sure we got a taste of everything. One section had a lot of deep and difficult sand and took us an hour and a half. It put us back on the same highway we left 10 miles to the east.

Since we were on pavement for a good bit, I had time to daydream instead of concentrating on not wrecking:

Some people in Southern Illinois think it gets hot there. It doesn’t, those just haven’t been to Western Oklahoma. Some people think the mud is sticky and slick. It’s not, they just haven’t been to Western Oklahoma. Some people think there are a lot of cows. There aren’t, they just haven’t been to Western Oklahoma.

3:15 pm. Sean had a low speed fall in sand a bit ago and dislocated/broke a finger. He popped it back in place, but it’s a 7/10 pain level. Hope it gets better, not worse. We’re done with trails for the day and are headed to camp. Edit: We were back on rough stuff within the hour.

5:15 arrived at Black Mesa State Park and set camp. I scouted some nearby hills for cell reception, but it was only strong enough to get a short text to check in with my wife. The sky is taunting us with thunder, lightening and wind, but there is no rain. Yet.

The neighbor camper is an old guy with a bike like ours. He gave us a few beers and we sat around shooting the breeze and telling stories of our youth.

Today was a great day. Tomorrow we get into the mountains of Colorado.

End of day miles: 130

Day total: 280

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  1. Every time I read about your trip say “Wow, I want to do that”. I sold my DR650 last December. Yesterday, inspired by your trip, I did a little shopping for a dual sport. I hope your fellow traveler’s injured finger doesn’t get in the way of a good trip. Did he tape it to a nearby finger?


    • Sean is a trooper. He does not complain. I know his finger must still hurt, but this is not his first boo boo and he is pressing on.

      You want to do it? Then do it. I’m down for a trip with you if you like.

      When you are looking for another dual sport, stay away from the big bikes. My 650 is nice, but a 250 might be better.


      • So far the bikes I’m interested in are a Yamaha XT225 like Lois Pryce rode on her trip through the Americas, and a Honda CRF230.


        • That size bike will have no problem on the TAT. You might need to stay in first gear for some of the Colorado passes. Having a light bike will be real handy when you have to pick it up, and count on it that you will. Keep in mind that you might want to hit short sections of interstate highway, and you need 250+ for that (to be legal). Whatever you go with, be sure that your machine can handle 200 miles between gas stops. An aftermarket tank might be needed.


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