TAT Day 8

Prelude: I take notes through out the day. When I write about now, I use present tense. At the end of the day, I reflect back and elaborate, in past tense. I’m trying to get things consistant, but there will be a mix because editing on the phone I’m using is tedious. Deal with it. I hope you can track and enjoy anyhow.

For the last few days, we have been seeing isolated rain. There seems to be 2 or 3 short storms a day. We haven’t been caught up in it yet. The space out here is vast which lets us see a downpour in the distance. We can wait it out or go around and stay dry.

8:00 AM Zapata Falls Campground. It got a little chilly last night. I was fine in my thermal undies and sleeping bag. We intended to sleep in a bit, but we are already up and packed. Headed to town for gas and water, then up to Westcliff to meet with Biplab.

8:50 AM. Fort Garland, CO.

171 miles, 3.37 gal

11:15. Westcliff, CO. We will meet Bip here. It’s small tourist town with art galleries and real estate companies.

1:00 PM still waiting on Bip. He’s still at the bike shop an hour away. Not his fault he’s late, he had an appointment for 9:30.

While waiting, we hit a grocery store. The selection wasn’t great. We drove around town a bit and stopped at a coffee shop.

3:15. Met up with Bip. I was watching his location via Google maps and flagged him down as he came down the street. We did a 40 mile section that we passed by this morning on the way here. We planned on camping at a site we found at 9400 ft. We didnt.

6:44 pm back at westcliff. Awesome ride.

178 miles, 3.49 gal

7:30 PM. Checked in to a KOA campground. We are sharing a 3 bed cabin for $23 each. We are doing laundry and will be able to get hot showers.

10:29 pm. I’ve had a hot meal, a hot shower, 4 cold beers, and did laundry. We are now doing a shakedown on Bip’s gear to help him get lighter for tomorrow’s ride. I hope he has thick skin and I hope Sean and I don’t come off as dicks. It’s all in good intent. I asked that they give me a shakedown tomorrow night.

10:59. Shakedown still happening. Sean is being kind, Bib is receptive. I think we’re all having fun. I am.

1+ AM Sunday. We are dry, warm, happy, and tired. Time to sleep.

This little dude is Terrance. He’s ridden many miles with me on three different bikes. I think he’s having a fantastic time.

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  1. Good call on offering to submit to a shakedown yourself!


    • I never got the shakedown, but I did do it myself. I have several things I didn’t touch. They might weigh a pound all together. I think I’m to the point that I need to open my wallet for lighter versions of what I use.


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