TAT Day 9

Miles traveled: about 100. Don’t know for sure, didnt record yesterday’s end reading.

End of day reading: 92

8:39 We are getting a late start today.

This is Bip’s first day on the trail with us and he’s still figuring out his gear. I’m a week in and have things sorted out much better than when I started. Sean is a very experienced moto camper and it takes him no time to get packed and ready to roll. I’m going to be watching him more carefully tomorrow morning to see what he does. From what I’ve seen so far, he appears to move slowly but still manages to be the first one ready.

We took the pavement up here last night. We pick back up on the trail here.

9:30 Ready to roll. Stopping for gas at Cotopaxi, CO. I didnt need any.

11:55 on top of the spiral at Salida, CO.

Been riding at 9000+ feet most of the morning. The trail included an easy overpass with an awesome view.

My bike hasn’t had any problems. There is a slight drop in power and I had to adjust the idle speed, but other than that, its running flawlessly.

12:20. Gas in salida.

83 miles, 1.56 gal

After Salida, we did Marshal pass. The trail up was challenging, but fun. It actually reminded me of sections of St. Joe State Park in MO. Riding there was great practice for riding here. There have been five bike drops between the other riders. I’ve not lost mine yet and want to keep the trend.

We are camped in a very remote area in Gunnison National Forest.

Sean is going on about bears. Bip has never been primative camping and I bet he’s getting freaked out. I doubt we have an encounter, but I have food in a tree and bear spray in the tent with me.

I bet the stars will be great after the moon sets. I think I will set an alarm for midnight.

Yep, great stars, but man it’s cold… I’m getting back in my sleeping bag.

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