TAT Day 11


Miles today: 144

End of day reading: 152

I did not get gas today.

My real time location for the next 3 days

9 a.m. we left camp. Bip and I decided to tackle Ophir pass. Sean decided to take the highways. The downhill side of the pass was absolutely brutal but I still managed to keep my bike upright. It took us 90 minutes to go 10 miles.

12:30 Bedrock Colorado

We stopped at the store and found out from the owner of that a scene from Thelma and Louise was filmed here.

2:30 p.m. made it to Arrowhead Motorsports in Moab to get new tires. After my bike has new tires we need to find a spot to camp for the night.

Fred was a bit of a cranky guy, but he runs an honest business. He pointed out a few things that were not right on my bike, which I will fix later. I got some good tips too:

–Many people use baby powder in the tire to let the tube move around as needed. This used to be a good thing, but not anymore. Baby powder is made with cornstarch. It used to be made with talcum but isn’t anymore. Talcum is what you want to use in the situation.

–The tires I run, Kenda k270, do have a rotational direction. They should be mounted a certain way and there’s an arrow molded into the tire to indicate which way to mount it. I never noticed that ark and may have been running my tires backwards occasionally. 50% chance.

Sean just gave me a tip: Don’t take a BMW GS 800 on the western TAT.

–Some people use duct tape around the rim to form a barrier between the spoke nipples and the innertube. This is bad. Duct tape is made with cloth. Cloth holds moisture. Moisture causes rust. Electrical tape, which I use is fine.

Just the as Fred was finishing up my bike, we saw a dump of a storm rolling over the bluff. He said it will hit us in 5 minutes. I packed as quickly as possible, but caught a little rain just as we pulled into a KOA just down the street from the bike shop.

4:00 pm. KOA is our dry place to sleep tonight. I’m looking forward to a hot shower.

Motorcycling is a mental skill, much more so than a physical skill. You can learn the physics of how to operate a motorcycle, but when you are faced with scary situations, such as the mountain passes we were going over today, the main challenge is to maintain control of your brain. You have to ignore the fact that you have a 600 foot long slope, at a 45 degree incline, full of jagged boulders, 2 feet to your left. If you get distracted by that, you will forget to weight the pegs, control the throttle, feather the clutch, and cover the brakes.

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