TAT Day 12


Start of day reading: 152

End of day miles:2

Total today: 160

4:30 am. The camp ground is quiet. The sky is overcast, but there is no rain. I hear cars on the highway. I slept well and am awake (obviously) but it’s too early. I might just sit and watch the sunrise, I might go back to bed. Somebody is snoring though.

Since we bypassed the start of Utah to get here for maintenance, we are going to backtrack about 20 miles to pick the trail up before another mountain pass. I could see the mountains from here yesterday. One of the passes is at 10,219 feet. From the looks of the topo map I’m using, I expect it to be a beautiful but challenging route.

9:15 a.m. Moab 153 MI 3.17 gallons

12:30 PM stopped at slick rock and rode it with all my gear and luggage. I must come back.

4:30 p.m. Green River Utah.

158 Mi. 3.64 gallons.

5:30 Green River Utah. Checked in to Shady Acres RV Park. Nice place, and cheap, but the skeeters seem hungry. They put us dirty bikers in the far back corner, and that’s fine with us. Shortly after we set camp, a Brit on a GS 1150 showed up to the campsite next to us.

Today’s ride was by far the best yet. In only 158 miles, we went through a big diversity of environments and road surfaces. In the morning, we rode a fairly easy gravel road up to a pass at 10,000+ feet. On the east side of the mountain, there were Aspen groves on both sides. On the West side, it was some kind of evergreen, maybe spruce. We continued on a stretch of smooth and curvy pavement, followed by a curvy section of fast gravel. The gravel road got narrow and technical. We rode a section in a canyon with mud and sand, then up to a plateau with exposed bedrock as the rising surface. At one point we found hills of blue-green clay to play on. I rode a bit at Sliprock, with all my bags still on the bike. Google ‘Sliprock Trail’ if you aren’t familiar with it. We also had a few muddy creek crossings. One long section was in high desert with huge plateaus off in the distance.

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