TAT Day 13

Start of day miles: 2
End of day reading:131
Total today: 269

8:00 am leaving Green River. As I pulled away from the campsite, I noticed my handlebars were a bit crooked, so I pulled up next to a big rock, leaned my front wheel against it, and pulled my bars in the direction needed. Drove a few feet and made another correction. Once more… close enough.

2:10 pm Back at Green River
140 miles, 3.12 gal.

We rode south, then west, then north, coming to a point just 16 miles west of Green River. It took all morning to do. One very cool part was Black Dragon Canyon which had very technical sections. Bib hit reserve in the canyon and Green River was the closest gas. The next closest place would be way out of range.

5:43 p.m. We are in Ephraim Canyon. We just ran across a sheep herder on horseback and 4 black and white herding dogs. When I spotted him, I pulled to the side and turned off my bike so as not to spook the horse. The man spoke to us in he some Native American language, pointing to the mountain top next to us. He only knew enough English to tell us he doesn’t speak English. I don’t know what tribe is in this area.

The mountain pass was 10300 feet and cold. We descended to Ephraim, which is almost hot and about 5800 feet.

About 6:30, we arrived in Ephraim, UT. Staying at Willow Creek Inn. Had Chinese for dinner and am enjoying a beer outside the hotel front door.

Today was another day of variety. We rode in canyons, on plateaus, across deserts, and over mountains. We navigated sand, dirt, gravel, big rocks, exposed bedrock, pavement, and mud. We had slow technical sections and fast sweeping gravel roads.

The beauty of this place is astounding. Well, if you like rocks that is. I do. The way the land has eroded has exposed millinia of sedimentary layers with distinct boundaries showing different types of rock. The colors of those rocks include tan, red, yellow, and an occational blue-grey. This land is rich with fossils too.

The scale of space is amazing too. The lack of trees and areas of high land in the desert allow you to easily see features that are 30 or more miles away.

Pictures don’t do it justice, but here’s a few pictures for you anyway.

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