TAT Day 17

Start: 112
End: 41
Total: 386

7:24. It’s cold. I hope this is the last high altitude camp. I’m at 8200 feet. I took the food bag down and am drinking some hot tea. I will take my time packing up because I need that warm sunshine before I ride.

The Google says I have 23 hours of driving before I get home. With butt breaks, it’s going to be longer than that. I could save 4 hours by getting on the interstate, but that’s not my thing. I want to see all the stuff you only see on the highways and back roads.

9:13 am. Vernal, UT
141m, 2.56g

11:48 Craig, CO
118m, 2.06g

2:30 on. Walden, CO
101m, 1.85g

A storm has been chasing me for hours. There is a 50 mph wind that is sometimes a crosswind from my left, sometimes from my right, and sometimes at my back. The crosswinds are frightening. The tail wind is sweet. I’ve been running 65 to 70, but since the route curves all over, I can’t get ahead of the storm.

4:52 pm. Fort Collins, CO
97m, 1.64g

On the way here, I noticed the air getting colder, but I didn’t notice I was gaining elevation. I created a pass that said 10,000 + feet, then the road started sloping downward. It continued down for nearly 60 miles. The last half of it was in a spectacular canyon, with the road following a fast river. There were roadside parks everywhere. At the end, it spit me out into what is the flat part of Colorado. The terrain changed from mountains to plains in a matter of a half mile.

Finally, I am below a mile in elevation.

I continued east but the roads are straight now. I found a place to camp in a National Grassland. It is remote, quiet, and beautiful.

My feet were damp and nasty all day. This stuff is a must have. Keeps monkey butt away too.

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