TAT Day 16

Start: 147
End: 112
Total: 320

9:00 am Stockton, UT
164 miles, 3.46 gal

I sat outside the mom and pop gas station drinking coffee for a while. I saw a family in Sunday Best walking up the street. I chatted with another motorcyclist who was on a big KTM.

2:36 for Bridget, WY
191m, 3.39g

The crosswinds have been difficult. Scary at times. Since I stayed off of the interstate, I got to visit a ghost town.

Beautiful drive today, but I only made 120 miles as the crow flies, 320 road miles. I bumped up into Wyoming just so I could touch the state. I was actually in this state about 20 years ago for work, but that doesn’t count in my book because we flew into Jackson Hole, worked a few days, then flew back.

I’m camping early to take advantage of free national forest camping. I’m in Ashley National Forest.

7:30. I dropped off yesterdays lunch in the woods then had cold salmon and tortillas for dinner. Tied my remaining food up into a tree. The squirrels are not happy with me and are barking like mad.

8:15. It’s twilight. I heard a large animal nearby and went to look. It was a moose. It was eating leaves from an Aspen sapling. It moved slowly and seemed docile, but I kept my distance.

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