TAT Day 18

Start: 41

End: 30

Total today: 409

Night time on the 17th day: It is dark and windy. I am miles into a remote National Grassland. My tent is flapping in the wind that I hope does not get stronger. I can see a few lights from a town 15 miles south of me. A nearly full moon is obscured by the clouds in the east. I know bears aren’t a threat here, but rattlesnakes are. Nature is metal.

The storm that chased me all day might catch up. The mountains to my west might stop them. I would like to stay dry tonight, but I am prepared for wet.

In this foriegn place, my ears are hyper-sensitive. I hear strange noises. An occational whistle might be the wind blowing across something on my bike. That rustling might be sticks tumbling by. I hear the familiar sound of crickets, and that is soothing.

9:18 pm (Still day 17) The moon has arrived and it is welcome.

9:25 pm. I have retired to my tent. The rain fly has blinded me to what is outside. The wind has defended me to what might be prowling around, but still teases me with ‘what was that’ sounds.

Eh, I’ll probably live. Good night.


Day 18 now. Packed and ready at 8:15. Last night was uneventful. I look one last time at the mountains far in the west and then head off.

It’s cold riding this morning. I stopped at a little place in New Raymer, CO for coffee and biscuits and gravy. Met an older guy from Texas, claims to be a rodeo champion. He just got out of the hospital and is wearing a neck brace and a black eye. He said he got it riding a bucking horse in a competition. He had an air of being full of it, I’m not so sure he actually rides rodeo.

10:15 AM Sterling, CO

108m, 2.22g

3:10 PM Indianola, NE

163m, 3.1g

It got overcast. I hope I’m not going into rain.

5:30 Phillipsburg, KS. I cut south to avoid potential rain. All through Nebraska, I saw lots of wild cannabis growing in ditches and fields. Some patches were thick and tall enough to obscure traffic signs. They are remnants of hemp production during WW2. They are exactly the same plant as what is illegal in most of the US, and it litterally grows like a common weed.

6:50 PM Mankato, KS

149m, 3.1g

7:30 PM Belleville, KS.

Rough day today, but I’m closer to home. Wussed out and got a motel. I was cold all day and fighting the crosswinds. Most of the oncoming trucks slammed me with a wall of air. I had to be extra focused to keep my bike in my lane. It was physically and mentally exhausting. Looks like rain tonight too and I don’t want to pack out wet tomorrow morning.

I had a nice burger and a beer at the restaurant next door. It was way better than whatever I have left in my camping supply. It’s not raining yet, but the sky is black. I don’t care, I have a dry bed tonight.

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  1. Is it true that Kansas is always windy?


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