About Us

This is where we’re supposed to write something interesting, with an overview of our ourselves and our philosophy.

Richard and Marsha are just people.  We’re not extraordinary, and we aren’t average.  In circles of people like us, we are normal.  To others, we are quite unusual.  It all depends on who you compare us to.  We believe that the act of comparing tends to create division: Us vs. other.

Division is not a good thing, but it should not be confused with contrast.

Without light and dark, we would see nothing.  Without loud and quiet, we would hear nothing.  Without other points of view, we would learn nothing.

Differences are good.

So here are some stats, not that they really matter.

  • Born and raised in Midwest US.
  • High School sweethearts.
  • Married longer than a lot of people have been alive.
  • Different personal interests.
  • 2.4 kids
  • We value independence, personal responsibility, social charity, and exploring the joys that life presents.

You’ll learn more about us from our blogs.  We hope you enjoy what we have to share!

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